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ARAXA Kitchen Cabinets - & Much More

& Much More

Here at ARAXA, we strongly believe in quality cabinetry solutions that will complete your special space and ultimately, increase the value of your home. With our custom designs that meet every spatial need,  ARAXA aims to provide its customers with a wide variety of customizable cabinet options for any living area. From creating new living spaces, to customizing home offices and crafting new home ideas, ARAXA designers have no limit to their home-improvement capabilities.


With modern, traditional and simple styles to choose from, ARAXA bathrooms have a wide variety of designs that can craft your bathroom to your taste. Whether you are looking for innovative functionality, elegant styles or practical designs, our ARAXA Designers can suit your bathroom to your every needs. Available in custom cabinets or RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets.


With swing door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, walk-in closet options, cloakrooms and frame-type closets, ARAXA Designers can meet any client's wardrobe space needs while meshing their expert creative flair with a sense of efficacy that can maximize one's wardrobe space in ways only ARAXA designers can. With a huge range of materials, inluding wood-grain melamine, lacquer, PCV, glass, artistic porcelain and mirror-designs, customers can look to customize their closet space with utmost creative confidence.


Conceptually smart and meticulously planned designs for laundry cabinets can add extra space and functionality to your laundry room areas. ARAXA designers can craft an assortment of laundry cabinet options that can tailor to any client’s needs, while creatively expanding upon storage space and practicality in order to provide clients with an unforgettable laundry room experience.


Quartz counter tops are more than extremely durable, they are naturally beautiful too, heat, bacteria and stair resistant, the curvaceous is both non-porous and easy to clean, and does not require sealing.


Natural beauty and extreme durability are the hallmarks of granite counter tops. Every counter top is unique in its color and pattern. The smooth surface is not only beautiful, but also easy to keep clean.


Acrylic counter tops are non-porous, very hygienic and need minimal care to retain their appearance. You can even choose a sink in the same material for completely seamless look.


Laminate counter tops are engineered for heavy-duty daily use. Thery are non-porous and very durable, with good impact resistance. Tehy're also easy to clean and require no maintenance.