ASIAN KITCHEN DESIGNS offer an exotic and refreshing look for any kitchen. As always, the Western world is heavily influenced by Asian Designers, whose use of symmetry and structural harmony are found within many of our Western Designs. With a wide variety of color tones and materials to choose from, clients have a wide variety of customization options within this theme. With the rise in popularity of bamboo cabinets and maplewood drawers, the Asian design is appealing to customers seeking a clean and sleek appearance. What brings these designs to life, ultimately, is the choice of decor. To really bring out a sense of Asian history, one may choose to decorate with bamboo plants, silk print or even Ancient Asian artwork to liven the area.

If you like the elegance of these kitchens and cabinet styles, you may be interested in the "CONTEMPORARY KITCHEN DESIGNS" and "CRAFTSMEN KITCHEN DESIGNS" styles as an alternative! Take a look! And remember, all of our designs are also available as RTA Kitchen sets for those DIY homeowners!