ANTIQUE KITCHENS will pay homage to early eras of design, while enriching any kitchen area with elegance and beauty. Gorgeous hardwood floors, aged paint and a traditional style of cabinets and furniture are some characteristics that define an antique kitchen. It is common to find the refrigerator and freezer in these kitchens to be built into wood surround casings to replicate the "refrigerator armoire" look. Furthermore, chandeliers, uniquely designed faucets and cabinet handles will further add to any antique style home. With specially designed arrangements by our Araxa designers, turn your kitchen into classical showcase of history. Many designers are known to reuse old furniture to create remodeled antique pieces that can be used to give any kitchen life.

If you like the Antique style but believe this style is missing something, you may be interested in "Victoria", "FRENCH COUNTRY KITCHEN DESIGNS" and "Vintage Kitchens" as an alternative! Take a look! And remember, all of our designs are also available as RTA Kitchen sets for those DIY homeowners!