GOURMET KITCHENS are designed for those who dream of having the ultimate cooking environment, with luxurious spacing arrangements for those chefs who have practical working layouts as a top priority. Often, Gourmet Kitchen designers will use large marble-top islands and practical prep zones, as well as top-of-the-line appliances to aid the food artists in the family. Gourmet Kitchens are known for their layouts. With cabinetry and drawers that make the best use of the available space to enable the cooks full functionality in their living area. Professional appliances are what make this kitchen worth noting. Built-in refrigerators, large-range ovens and professional Sink/faucet systems are commonplace in these kitchens.

If you like the Gourmet kitchen but believe it is missing something, you may be interested in "Traditional", "Italian" and "Luxury styles" as an alternative! Take a look! And remember, all of our designs are also available as RTA Kitchen sets for those DIY homeowners!