EUROPEAN KITCHENS AND CABINETS are often defined by their industrial styles and new-wave engineering. With minimalism as its main theme, European designers use modern ideas to bring out a kitchens full functionality. European kitchens are often smaller in size, and thus, are designed to make the most of the limited space available. With efficient cabinetry and customizable drawers and pantry units, look for European Kitchens to be mostly void of any excess decorum. A casual hybrid between processed materials and natural elements, these kitchens find solace in a contemporary look. With metals, glass, plastic mixed with wood, marble and stone touches, these kitchens will always have a comforting and unique atmosphere.

If you like the European style but believe it is missing something, you may be interested in "ASIAN KITCHEN DESIGNS", "CONTEMPORARY KITCHEN DESIGNS" and "Modern styles" as an alternative! Take a look! And remember, all of our designs are also available as RTA Kitchen sets for those DIY homeowners!