EARLY AMERICAN KITCHENS are reminiscent of 18th and 19th Century styles from early Colonial America. These designs are unique to settlers in the early states, who had to adapt to a new environment and were forced to amalgamate the old to create the new. With uncomplicated designs and basic furniture, these styles can bring a sense of history to any living area. Using large wood-framed windows to let in some natural sunlight into the kitchen area. With clear cut cabinetry and soft colors, look for Early America Kitchens to be a warm and calming environment. Often, homeowners will fill their kitchens with old American decorum to further enhance the historical experience in the kitchen.

If you like this design but believe it is missing something, you may be interested in the "Shaker" and "COUNTRY KITCHEN DESIGNS" as an alternative! Take a look! And remember, all of our designs are also available as RTA Kitchen sets for those DIY homeowners!